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Tue, Jul. 26th, 2005, 05:31 pm
Who Was Jean Charles?

Enemy Of The State

By now we have all heard about it, an innocent man shot to death by police in London. You may not recognize his name, but you do recognize the story. The day it happened the news was everywhere telling of how a suspicious man was gunned down by authorities. Police swore they had suspicion that this man possibly had a bomb. Later it was revealed that he was innocent! The same week, the public was made aware that London Police were now licensed to kill. From the evidence that is available, it seems that the vicious shooter had no reason to believe this man was a terrorist. So now London and the rest of the world are left with questions. Was Jean a random choice to prove to the citizens that London would take advantage of that "License to kill"? If not, then where is the rest of the story?

Who exactly was Jean Charles de Menezes and what might he have done or known to be hunted down for cold blooded murder?

Here is what we do know. JEAN CHARLES DE MENEZES was Born 07/01/78, a Brazilian national. He was Originally from the town of Gonzaga, 500 miles northeast of Sao Paulo in the south-eastern state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. He lived in Brixton, London for three years, working as an electrician. This is Fact. Do we know anything else about this man? Do we care to know the truth about why an innocent citizen was Murdered by government?
We also know that this man was running for fear of his life. The reports from police will tell you all types of stuff, like Mr Menezes had come out of a house in Tulse Hill, south London, which had been under police surveillance because of a suspected link to Thursday's attempted bombings. You have to ask yourself, are we to believe killers? Shouldn't we give them the right to remain silent while they seek an attorney? I think so! You really don't think that a killer is going to just hand over the truth do you? You can't tell me that you believe they will be honest if they done something wrong! What possible reason would they have to shoot a man EIGHT (8) times in the head?! What do you think would happen if you shot somebody and claim you suspected them of being a bomber? Should we hold law enforcement to the same standards we are to follow? Of course there are people demanding an investigation, and thats good, but who do you want to investigate the crime? You wouldn't send Charles Manson to investigate the Murder of Sharon Tate would you?

This event is a conspiracy movie brought to real life! You might be quick to judge a person for talking about conspiracy theories, but you still love a good action packed movie. We have all seen at least one. "Enemy Of The State", "Skulls", "Conspiracy Theory", "Bourne Identity", "Manchurian Candidate". I could keep going, there are a ton of them. Review the facts that we do know and tell me if this doesn't look like part of the script to one of those movies. Problem is, now we are faced with reality. There is no government agency going to protect you once you are labeled an enemy of the state! So you can stop sitting in comfort thinking that the FBI will protect you from the CIA. As this Murder by the state has shown, we are our only hope.

When you wake up to reality, you realize it is a madman's fantasy made real.

If this crime is not punished, they will do it again. We need the truth and we need it now. I think it is safe to say that the shooter was not an ordinary police officer. It looks more like a special agent with an intended target. Think about it, If you were a police officer and realized you just took the life of an innocent man, how would you feel? An ordinary policeman would have probably shot himself because he couldn't stand the guilt. The killer was a trained assassin.

There are facts that have not been brought to the public. The Media is not properly pursuing these facts! There are many questions that need to be answered. There can only be two explanations for this murder and both are unacceptable. Either Britain wanted to let citizens know that they have to fear the use of force against them, or the victim was somebody who knew too much!

For now, it looks as if Jean Charles was An Enemy of the State!

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