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Sun, Aug. 7th, 2005, 03:25 pm
America The Foolish

I have been fighting at the front lines of the good fight. The war? No, not the war, but the fight for what’s right versus what is wrong! I have taken argument with Christians who believe in Bush. I love a good debate, but I love more to get the truth out. Still, you have those people who must think that Bush is the Messiah. Wait, let me clear that up. I am not saying that all Christians love Bush, or I only debate with Christians. I mean I take the proof to all Bush supporters (no matter what their religion) and wait for their reply. I am a Christian, but that doesn't mean that I will drink from the cup with G.W. It is absolutely amazing how people will defend a lie. Trust me, when I say we are fighting on the frontlines, it's the truth! People are getting killed for believing the war is wrong! This war is not the only thing Bush is doing wrong, but it is a big part of it.

Before I leave the subject of Bush and Christianity, let me finish it real quick. There are critics who say the President is putting his Christian beliefs into running this country, like its a bad thing. I am not going to say that. Truthfully, if you are a Christian, you are to live your entire life according to the will of God. Critics think Bush should leave his Christianity at home when running the country. Because I am a Christian, I will disagree with that. BUT, they are right to criticize his belief. President Bush is NOT a Christian! If you are a Christian, and were like the many who voted for him based on his claims that he is a Christian, you need to go back to the bible! The bible warns you of people like President Bush. Jesus said, you will know them by their fruits. So what has the president done to show his Christian fruit?? Money is the root of all evil, and that root is fed by oil. If claiming to be Christian is all it takes to get your vote, put me on the ballot! But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. ~Matt 15:9

Americans have become foolish!

America has become a very strange place. America has become a very judgmental place. We believe we are the only civilized nation. Americans believe that every other government in the world would deceive or harm its citizens, but not the American government. Oh that’s right we have a constitution to protect us. That’s nice, but nobody is defending it. Our government has distracted our attention to a thousand other directions, while they strip the constitution. But making that claim gets me labeled as a radical. The minuet you mention conspiracy, everyone stops listening. Once you stand against an issue like the war, then you are labeled an activist. Really, I never knew I was an activist until I expressed my love for America. That’s not right!
Once you are given a label, enough people stop listening, that you get nowhere. If you are an activist, the only people who are listening are other activist. If I am a conspiracy theorist, the only people reading this are fellow conspiracy theorist. Why? Because, I have been labeled! It's the way we have been subconsciously taught.

So let’s clear it up! I am an American, not an activist. An American trying to defend my country from the enemies within.
* Activist is someone who stands in front of a tree so you won't cut it down.
* American is someone who stands up and says they will not be lied to by their government.
* Activist rides a bicycle nude to promote world peace.
* American, or patriot, is someone who joins a gathering outside of the Whitehouse to protest an amendment to the constitution.
* Activist is someone marching in a parade so gays can be treated special.
* American is someone who believes a law that applies to them, also applies to the government.
* Activist is someone raising money to push animal rights.
* American is someone saying this is how and why America was started, and we are not letting you change that!
Get the point yet? I am an American trying to raise awareness of an attack against us. I have been called Un-American, for standing against the war. But the truth is, if you are for this war, you are un-American. Not I.It takes more than a "patriotic song" to make you a patriot!

There is a pro war or "patriotic" country song, "Have You Forgotten". Basically, the song is defending Bush's war on terror. The song asks people against the war if they have forgotten 911. So I must ask the writer of that song the same question. Have you forgotten, that here in America, everyone is innocent until PROVEN guilty? I have seen no evidence linking Sadam, or any other Arabs to 911. A picture of somebody standing in line is not evidence. Therefore, I have seen no evidence to prove guilt to the accused. However, the only evidence I have seen so far, links our government to 911. But we don't want to believe that. It is much easier to kill thousands maybe even millions of people than it is to pursue the truth. Of course bin Laden outwitted us; let’s kill innocent Arabs so we won't have to question our government. Bin Laden was CIA? Well yea, but that was back then. He was much smarter than they were. He was so smart that he went to the desert and started a global terrorist ring. A new one is born every ten minuets. It’s funny how people will rule out the simple truth.

The reason people get so defensive when questioned about supporting the war, is because they have absolutely no reason at all to support it. None and they know it! The war is wrong, and they know it! But, they love Bush too much to back out. We have every reason to be against it and they know it. This country has made a mistake in letting ourselves be divided into two main groups. Republicans and Democrats. We live this fantasy that you are one or the other. You can't back away from Bush, because then you are siding with the Democrats and they are wrong about everything. No, that way of thinking is wrong. When we stop choosing sides and start focusing on truth, it will be a great day for America. Democrats and Republicans are both up to no good! The day everyone gets wise enough to vote for the other candidate is the day America will rise again as a great nation. It is past time for Americans to throw both parties out on the street. Stop looking at events based on party affiliation and start looking at what is right or wrong. The war is wrong, and there is absolutely no reason to support it, unless you just enjoy meaningless death.

Let’s get to the point. George W. Bush should be impeached! Plain and simple, he should be impeached and put on trial for criminal conduct. If you are truly American, you would do what is right for this nation. I am not democrat, so I am not saying this because he is republican. George Bush is a Criminal and everyone who supports him is aiding criminal conduct. He and his administration has lied about the war, they have even presented false evidence. He has been caught in a lie. Honestly, is there anyone who didn't think we would end up in Iraq, once he was elected? He is a liar, he has been found guilty. When he realized we knew, he made another lie, and another and another. He has lied to us, and that lie has cost us thousands of lives. To let him stay in office is letting him get away with it. To let him get away with it is to say we want more. It is time to fire him and throw him in jail! We have reasonable cause, it is now time for him to get a lawyer and prove he is innocent.

Bush said that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. Saddam said he did not have any such weapons. Iraq was found to not have any such weapons. Therefore, Bush lied and Saddam was honest. So why is the honest man in jail, while the liar is free to wreak havoc?! Is this the future everyone looked forward to? Where it is good to lie and bad to tell the truth? So far, we have not found truth to any claims from G.W. Bush. If he lied about Iraq, then what would keep him from lying about everything else? What would keep him from lying about 911? What would keep him from lying about Iran and Syria? What would keep him from lying about terrorism? Based on the fact that Bush is the one found to be a liar, it is safe to say Saddam was not a threat. 911 was not what it seemed to be. Al-Qaida is not real. Global terrorism is not real.

Bush Lied! What part of that does not make sense? What doesn't everyone understand about that? Nobody had trouble understanding when Nixon was guilty. Nobody had trouble understanding when Clinton lied. So what is it that people can't understand now? We need to know so we can spell it out for you. Read it slowly.


While you sit there and try to find a way around the truth, America falls apart. If it is not dealt with quickly, we will lose all freedoms! Why are we dragging our feet on this? It won't be long until I could go to jail for writing this. After all the
Police now have the authority to shoot you in the head for failing to make eye contact!
America is falling apart! We only have ourselves to blame for not holding government accountable. It is past time to demand justice, and past time to demand proof for accusations!

On March 2, 2004 the truth about WMD's was released, there were none!Over 1 year later we still have not done anything about it. We were lied to. The president lied and played us for fools!

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. ~Matt 7:15-20