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Sun, Aug. 28th, 2005, 03:29 pm
Know Thy Enemy

America is in a time of war, as we all know. With war comes confusion, especially when the reason for the war has not been clarified. The biggest problem with this war is nobody is sure who the real enemy is. The Bush administration claims that the enemy is al-Queda, a world wide terrorist organization. Al-Queda's leaders have all had their finances froze, but still find a way to fight a war that cost America billions of dollars. In light of that fact it is easy to see that we are up against one crafty enemy. Is the enemy really al-Queda? A war is not fought with one side is not resisted by the other. Nor has a war been declared that has not met opposition. You can not invade any nation and expect them not to fight back. Period! Only a fool could believe that a person is a terrorist just for fighting back for their homeland. Still, it is hard to picture an enemy when you realize the whole operation has been based on a lie.

Lets think about a different war now. What about the war going on right here in America? A war for your mind, a war on liberty and truth. A war on reality, and a war against the poor. They say the civil war was a war that put brother against brother, isn't that what is happening now? We have people in high places beating a dead horse on the issue of race. Race is no longer the issue it once was, it is no longer one race against the other. The issue at hand is now rich against poor. This is an issue that always was but has yet to be put to rest. An attack on freedom is not an issue anymore, but an attack on gay rights would be disastrous. What has happened to this country, America is very un-American! If you want to stop people from crossing the border, stand down there and inform them of how things really are here in America.

So, who is the enemy? We now face two enemies, not counting terrorist. Right now our two biggest enemies are a government that is destroying this nation, and ourselves. We may well be our worst enemy. A government that is corrupt, is definitely an enemy of the people. But a people who allows a government to be corrupt is an enemy to itself! We have a bill of rights to ensure our rights, but we have forgotten who "we the people" are.

I remember a time when a man was only as good as his word. A time when a lie was unacceptable, especially if you were the President of the United States! The enemy is the one who lied in order to convince you to support his agenda. The bigger enemy, is the one who allows that lier to get away with his crime. It doesn't matter if you support the war or not, or if you support Cindy Sheehan or not. The fact is, George W. Bush lied to the nation. Period! His supporters will make excuses about why that lie should be overlooked, but they can not deny the fact that he lied. That lie has cost a very large number of innocent lives. He lied to get his way, and everything since has been the result of that lie. George W. Bush Lied To You And Me! His supporters are only making fools of themselves. They are angry with anyone who would stand against him. They are telling the president, that he is their new god and it is ok for him to lie to them. His lies have become their truths. A lie is a lie, and it is a punishable offense. I am not writing this to call for a withdraw from Iraq, I am leaving my personal feeling out on that one. I am calling for the conviction of a president that lies! One mans lie has truly changed a nation.

Christians want to stand in support of Bush and declare that Bush is a christian. So they are saying that half of the 10 commandments don't matter. They totally forget the fact that the bible has warned for centuries of wolves in sheep's clothing. They believe the events of prophesy, but refuse to believe our leadership is a tool satan uses to take us their. God says all sins are equally wrong, but Bush supporting christians say Clinton's sin is worse than Bush's. Meanwhile, christians will try to convince people to get "saved". They fail to realize that their support for a lier is driving potential savies away from God. Also their support for Bush makes them a hypocrite, meaning you can't expect someone to listen to your religious advise if you refuse to follow it yourself! One man has turned many a good Christian into a good sinner.

Of course I am not saying that Christians are the enemy. Everyone who finds an excuse to not do anything to hold the president accountable is their own enemy. I don't care what excuse you give, it is unacceptable. I received an email today that is being forwarded around. In the email it is calling upon everyone to not buy gas on September 10, 2005. It's great, I intend to not by gas on the 10th. Problem is, we have all seen this type of email. Everybody agrees and forwards it on, but nobody sticks to the plan. I may even get a sign and stand outside the gas station, but I'll bet they'll be full of people filling up. Everyone is sick of the gas hikes, but we refuse to hit them in their pockets. Violence is going on the rise due to high fuel prices, and plays in favor of the government. It's the innocent gas station attendants who are targeted. These minimum wage employees have their lives put at risk while big oil keeps getting fat! "Oh but I need to get gas, I just have to have it. It doesn't matter because they know you'll have to get gas the next day." Excuses, excuses! If you don't try to change it, you can't blame nobody but yourself.

Ok, so once we decide to stop being our own enemy, and start fighting the real enemy, what next? First thing is we need to change our strategy. We need to start from the bottom and work our way up. There's an old saying that says, "how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time". We need to turn our protest toward the governors, senators, and congressmen whom support Bush. Each state needs to start holding their representatives accountable. Bush does not care, he knows that he can't run again. But the rest of the elected officials can. Start turning the heat up on them, and eventually they will distance themselves from Bush. Once you take everything out from under him, he will no longer have no one to hide behind and nobody to blame it on. In order to get the results we need, there has to be a plan. It past time to boycott the mainstream media, and past time for the impeachment of all elected officials who refuse to do the job they were elected for. They may have launched an attack on the little people, but they forgot one important fact. It is the little people that keep these people rich, without us they would fall. I urge you to find your local government officials and start your own protest right outside their offices. Let them know if they can't do the job you want, you'll find someone who can!

Sun, Oct. 16th, 2005 07:50 pm (UTC)
(Anonymous): Bush lied to us?

Now, what a shock it must have been to found it he lied!!!

C'mon each and every one of us knew he lied, even Colin Powel knew he lies by his U.N. speech.

Question is what did we do about it?

Answer, nothing, just like the average German did nothing when told Poland was shoot at them over the board and needed to be taken care of.

Anyone on these boards before the invasion of Iraq knew exactly what was happening and why. We all knew that the U.S. lost nothing in Iraq. We may not have known what a Neocon was, but deep down everyone knew who this 'war' was being fought to protect from potential hare.

So, what do we do now as we hear about the'threats' posed by Iran, Syria and Lebanon?