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Sat, Oct. 29th, 2005, 02:56 pm
The Sound Of Silence

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." ~ Martin Luther King, jr.

Can you hear it too? What is that sound? The sound that has the ability to drive a man nuts. The sound of electricity buzzing in the lights. Yes, that is the sound of silence. A sound that has spread across this nation like a disease. It's like sitting in a church when everyone takes a moment to pray and suddenly you hear a baby start to cry. That’s what we hear, the sound of helpless tears from mothers who hoped that their children would outlive them. Yet, nobody runs to comfort her. The sound of nothing and an absence of action to go with it. Silence, a sound foreign to America. A sound that is pleasing to kings and crippling to peasants. For the rest of the world, this is America's real shock and awe, its silence. The days are gone when all nations would look to see what American's were saying. No longer do they look to America, simply because there is nothing to hear or see here. America sits silent while lady Justice is raped. Just when did America lose it's voice?

Silence is the sound of surrender. The sound of fear. Creating fear is the quickest way to achieve silence. Who benefits from the silence? Who would want to mute the mouths of Americans? You ask yourself that question; don't run around asking everyone else until you can answer it. It is not a trick question. It is a very simple question and has been answered by generations of the past. Rome, Germany, Russia, France, and China are prime examples of a people that were silent. As the past will prove, it is not an imaginary organization that benefits from a nations silence. Indeed, it is the leaders of that nation’s government which benefits from the silence.

Silence is un-American. A patriot does not remain silent. It is in the blood of every American to stand and protest that which is wrong. America was founded by rebels. Those same rebels populated America. Our ancestors were very rebellious against government. It is that spirit of a rebel that defeated the armies of dictators. It is with that spirit that America would win wars and defeat any enemy of freedom. War against government is no stranger to the American people, in fact, it is a specialty. Americans specialize in defeating domestic enemies of freedom. At least we once did. Now it seems as though Americans forgot how to spot threats to freedom. We are definitely not the same as our forefathers. America was founded on the belief that ones own government was the first enemy of freedom. It was with that understanding that the Constitution was written. It was understood that a nations own government posed a bigger threat than multiple nations combined in war. This was understood because we came from a dictatorship.

Our ancestors understood that Government was the enemy. This is why they created a government ran by the people. They gave power to the people of the nation. Not just some people, but all people of this nation. They did this because they knew that Government is a small group of people who want control. They knew that government over people lies and deceives to keep power and wealth. Our forefathers understood the fact that the people had to be in control of the government to prevent that government from conspiring against the people. The people were given the power to prevent conspiracy.

Main Entry: con•spir•a•cy
Pronunciation: k&n-'spir-&-sE
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -cies
Etymology: Middle English conspiracie, from Latin conspirare
1 : the act of conspiring together
2 a : an agreement among conspirators b : a group of conspirators
synonym see PLOT
Main Entry: con•spire
Pronunciation: k&n-'spIr
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): con•spired; con•spir•ing
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French conspirer, from Latin conspirare to be in harmony, conspire, from com- + spirare to breathe
transitive senses : PLOT, CONTRIVE
intransitive senses
1 a : to join in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act or an act which becomes unlawful as a result of the secret agreement b : SCHEME
2 : to act in harmony toward a common end Source

Today, the people laugh at the word conspiracy. They make a big joke about it as if only a lunatic would believe in conspiracies. Yet, it is the foundation of America to realize that government does indeed conspire against its own people. In America, it is the job of every citizen to prevent this from happenening. Who is doing their Job? If our government does something against us, it is our responsibility to do something about it. Instead, the majority says it can't happen here. Even though it is and has been happening here. We as a whole have not done our job! We can not possibly expect government to protect us from its own self. We were given power by our founding fathers, and we do nothing with it. We gave power back to government and expected that government to keep our personal interest in mind. It's like giving a beer to an alcoholic and expecting them not to drink it.

Our founding fathers did not create a perfect system. The system they created works with two parts. Government and People. What they did not realize is that the people would stop keeping government in order. They thought amendments would be used to better the constitution, they didn't realize amendments would be used to limit the constitution. They did not plan for elected officials to lie to the people and those people allowing it. They did not think we would stand back while our own poor starve so we can support another nation. The founding fathers did not plan for the silence of the people.

If the current president would have been there in 1776 and tried to introduce a "patriot act" he would have been hung in the streets, you can believe that! Our system becomes more and more corrupt with each new president. The lies get bigger. None of the last three presidents would have been worthy in the beginning days. They have done nothing but help destroy America. They have lied to the people, they have sent our jobs away, they have sent our children to die and they have created a system to make the poor more poor. They have lied to your face and walked away smiling. We the people have become seduced and allowed our political and corporate leaders to stay drunk on wealth and power, taking us from the greatest nation to one of the worst nations.

America, so quick to war. The number of nations turning against us is growing. Meanwhile Russia (once our greatest enemy), has eliminated most of its enemies by practicing what America once stood for. Russia shows respect to other nations and is now prospering. They have been lending a helping hand to nations like Iran. We on the other hand, bear false witness against nations like Iraq and Iran, and we are failing. We supposedly elected a "war President". Most of his votes came from Christians. People who were warned by their God to watch for wolves in sheep’s clothing. Is it a little strange that everything America was taught to watch for has been allowed by those that have been warned? The people of America are not innocent at all. We have the power to keep our government in order. We have the power and the right to place and remove anyone in public office. We have control of the game. Yet, we allow them to do as they will. The people who sit in silence are as guilty as the people who do the deeds.

Americans are getting raped every which way they turn. This was once a nation that could not keep silent. There was a time when we made sure the people were heard. Unions are very American, in the past anyway. Even if you are not pro union, you have to admit, it is American. I once was pro union, but I second guess that now. Unions at the upper levels have become nothing more than a business for profit. They have been taking the money of their members for years. At one time Unions were all about doing what it had to do to get the point across. Now, it's all about money. How is it that our unions sit back while people are losing wages, benefits and even jobs? Since when did the working class become afraid of standing up? The strange thing is, most union members claim to be democrat and vote democrat. They praise Clinton for being such a great president. They refuse to look at the fact that Clinton signed NAFTA into action. How is that for union? How is it that America fails to see the power in their hands?

If all of the trucks shut down on the side of the road, and all of the factory workers didn't show up to work, it would only take one day for government to take notice. One day! That is fact. What is your issue? High fuel prices? You will not get lower fuel prices by buying fuel! You can't just wait for an elected official to decide it is enough. That's not going to happen. Are we waiting for somebody honest to be elected president? Listen, it is not going to happen!! We have to make them be honest. If we want results, it will take action on our part. We have to take to the streets with our grievances. Petitions will not get us anywhere. Apologies will not fix anything. We have to take action, the time is Now! Government can not run without people. That is something our founding fathers knew. It is something America has forgotten. We can not allow our troops to die for one mans lie. While you sit their in silence and wait for somebody else to do something about it, you lose more power. Stand up and be ready to fight! Are we Americans?

We waste our military power fighting for Israel’s interest, while an enemy strengthens. Iraq, Iran and Syria are not threats to America. China is a threat to America. The nations we are terrorizing are threats to Israeli interest, let Israel worry about their own problems. We have been sending our jobs to China and don't even realize what that is doing. This is putting money into China's economy. China is using that money to build up its military. If we go messing with Iran, Russia will be sure to back them up. This will start a domino effect. All of the other nations will chose sides. Britain will of course side with America and Israel. France and Spain will likely side with America. China will certainly not back America. China will side with Iran and Russia. If this does happen, America will see its defeat. We can not allow this to happen! We have to stop fighting Israel’s wars, and we must stop financing China's military build up!

But the sound of silence is so loud.

We have no rights and no power. We have become weak. The rest of the world waits in anticipation to see what America will do. Nothing?

Recently I was locked up, briefly for standing up for myself. I am no criminal, and I have no record. The charge did not stick. But what happened? I had to go to court and when I got there, I was told I couldn't have time to find a lawyer. Even though the place taking me to court had their lawyer, I was told the judgment was against me and I no longer had time to get a lawyer. That was not about to stop me from defending myself. I used my right to speech to defend myself and also used my right not to speak to defend myself. The judge called the use of my rights "contempt of court". It didn't matter that this was a case that the court was not to be involved in, and it didn't matter that the judge was not supposed to be involved. Because the other party’s lawyer did not want to accept my answer, he asked the judge to put me under oath. Keep in mind that this lawyer and the judge were from the same county, where I was from a different county. I guess that meant I did not have any rights. Using my rights and quoting law, answering questions honestly, but because they were not what they hoped to hear, it was called "contempt of court". This of course was just a scare tactic. They hoped by locking me in a cell that I would fear them and say what they wanted to hear. The problem is, I don't scare too easily. Fear is used to enslave people. I will not be a slave to manipulated system. I am sure this has worked on many other people in this particular court. I am also sure they think they can do this because you are too poor to afford a lawyer. They did not count on the will of an American. People who know me told me how it was nuts for me to do such a thing. I don't think so, if exercising my rights is crazy, I don't want to be sane!

My case is irrelevant and really nobody's business, so why would I bring it up? Because I refuse to be silent. I refuse and if the rest of the nation would refuse to be silent, we would get something done. There are hundreds of thousands who think like me and act like me, but only hundreds who speak like me. The silence is much too loud. America needs to realize what made us a great nation. It's not the education that we force in order to compete with other nations. It is not the Olympics. It is not the skyscrapers. It is the will. It is the imagination. It is the belief that if you can dream it you can achieve it. It is the ability to think for yourself. It is the guts to speak up. The world once respected America for what it was. A nation who would jump to help others, and a nation of people who would not allow anyone to tread on their freedom, foreign or domestic. We were known as the greatest nation because of our freedom. When we become a nation of slaves to fear, there is nothing to admire!

If we remain silent, nobody will know anything is wrong.

"In Germany they came first for the Communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up." ~ Martin Niemoller

Sun, Oct. 16th, 2005, 06:20 pm
Rock Lost It's Rythm

I read an article talking about Jefferson's spirit of resistance. Where is it at? I agree with the article, it asks a very good question. Resistance, it is in the blood of us all, right? The spirit of government resistance is what lead to the foundation of America. The article got me thinking, it is not only America's Christian leaders that have backed down. There is another group that has backed down.

Has Rock 'N Roll Died?

Now I realize that is a silly question. As the song says, rock n roll will never die. Truth is, rock n roll as music will not die. But the spirit of rock roll is almost dead. Where are your rebellious rockers today? Musicians have a great deal of influence, and they once used it to be a voice of the people. Today, they use their influence to become rich and corrupt the minds of America's youth. Not all do, but the majority. The very few that hit home on issues, are chasing issues separately and they are scattered issues. The one issue right now, that has a large following is the war based on lies. Where is rock n roll on this? There is a very small percent of musicians hitting this today. So small, those who are hitting it are not heard.

Of course, you have your scattered radio stations playing "Born In The USA" but they think it is an "America is great" song. A lot of them don't realize that it is a protest song. I am reminded of lyrics from Kurt Cobain. "He's the one Who likes all the pretty songs And he likes to sing along And he likes to shoot his gun But he knows not what it means" ~ Nirvana "In Bloom" How true those words are! This from a band when rockers still had it in them to speak up. Of course around this time, we didn't have the major issue we have right now, the "war on terror". Think about the influence that Cobain had on America's youth. What do you think would have happened if his prime was now, instead of then. What if he cam out against a war because we were lied to? Do you think our government would have been able to censor him enough? I don't think so. Nirvana had such a large fan base, musicians dream about. Cobain had the type of fans that are against establishment. Not to mention the rest of the bands at about the same time, while a bit different, still held a lot of the same fan base. I.E. Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Rage Against the Machine, etc. I guarantee, if this war was then, we would have had another woodstock on our hands. A real one, not the false remakes.

So, where are they today? Today's voices of Rock n Roll, where are they? Music is nothing but big business these days. Metallica is proof of that. Rebel voices standing against rebel actions. Where is the Metallica I knew? The Metallica that I helped make rich, that band that dedicated a whole album to war songs. Where are they? We hear these musicians and like what they have to say, so we run out and make them rich. Now when we need them to amplify our voice, they are in hiding. Where are these brave and fearless rockers? What are they afraid of?

Growing up, my dream was to be a great musician. (still is really). But if I would have had half the fame, I would be damned if I would sit back and let the people down. How many Rockers showed up in support of Cindy? When I say rockers, I don't mean just the heavy metal people. I mean any type of music that has any kind of rock n roll influence. Which is about all music. Rappers are included too.
Where are your tough guy rappers at? Sure, they'll tell you how big and bad they are, they aint about to put up with no police harassing them over drugs. But they are not about to tell you how they feel about the war started on a lie. They so tough, they aint gonna back down from authority trying to break up their gang. But they aint so tough that their gonna talk about the president. They aint afraid to bust a cap in your ass for spankin their bitches for free, but they have no feelings on being lied into a deadly war.

Would protesting viet nam had been so big without the musicians? I really don't think so. Music is a part of everything. Follow the music, and you'll find the people. When you find the people, you find the advertisers. Then finally, you'll end up finding the media. I am not at all suggesting another woodstock. Corporations will certainly try to profit off that, and ruin the whole thing. All I am suggesting is that some of these bands stick together to electrify the voice of the people. We are their fans, without the fans they would have nothing. Return the damned favor! Get out of hiding.

Somebody needs to revitalize the spirit of Rock n Roll! All you rockers need to get rid of your damned business degrees and get back to your roots. Start making music, not money. If you make good music, the money will come. There are some damned important issues right now, I don't need to see your commercialized live 8. I don't need to support RAG Rock Against Gingivitis. I need to hear you getting in the face of a liar who has put our nation in harms way. But you are too commercial for that, so you keep on rock'n in the free world.

Sun, Oct. 16th, 2005, 03:06 pm
Is This Really Worth It??

Got this Video. It is a little graphic, but the point needs to be made. Bush runs around without a care in the world, while Children lose their fathers and mothers lose their sons. Bush once said the toll from the war "is worth it". Is it worth it? When the whole war is based on a lie, is it worth losing the lives of our soldiers? Should they be forced to keep their promise of going into battle? Isn't it past time to bring them home?
Click here for the video

Sat, Oct. 15th, 2005, 04:44 pm
I Have A Mansion!

I don't like to brag, but I have an enormous estate. Most of it has been passed down through the generations, so I sorta got used to letting things run themselves. Years ago, my ancestors started building what would become one of the greatest, wealthiest and most powerful in it's class. The cup runs over with power and wealth. To meet me you would never guess I had so much. I am not a rock star, or an actor. I am just a man with a lot of assets. I am thinking about applying for a loan so that I will not have to file bankruptcy on my debts. As you will see, all that I have is putting me in debt. So I would like to list some of my assets.

I have a Mansion
My mansion is beautiful. It is one of the most desirable homes in my country. It is large and furnished with some of the finest furnishings around. It has a large yard, and even has a place for the landing of my helicopter. My mansion is staffed with personnel to cook, clean, and do everything else. My mansion has a security fence all the way around. I keep armed security on guard 24/7 365, they are among the best security personnel anywhere. It really is awesome. You may wonder why I would pay so much money for so much security? The mansion was built a long time ago, and the neighborhood has become one of the most corrupt. I let people on my payroll stay there, just an added benefit for working for me, they love it. I have never been there, but they tell me it's nice. I really should throw a party there some day. You should come, it'll be fun.

I have a Limo
My limo is great. It is one tricked out ride. You really should see the inside. There is a man on my payroll whose only job is to drive the car, he loves it. My limo has the best of the best in auto security. It has reinforced metal and glass. I also pay security to ride in a separate vehicle to guard the car and people inside. I never use it myself, I let the employee of the year use it. He tells me the car is a gas hog, but why does he care, I'm the one paying for it. He says it's fun to piss people off because they can't harm him when he's inside. We'll have to take it for a spin sometime.

I have a Jet
My jet is so cool. You would love it. It's like a flying house. My jet has everything you could imagine. It does a whole lot more than getting from point a to point b. I don't like to fly, so I never use it. The folks on my payroll sure love it though. Just one of the small perks. I have noticed recently though, the fuel cost is really tugging my wallet.

I like taking care of my employees. Sure, it cost a lot to take care of these people, but I expect a great job performance. I pay them at the top of the pay scale, and give them an excellent benefits package. They even get raises when they think they need them.I also provide them with all of these extras that I don't really use anyway. I don't mind, as long as they do me a good job. Of course, lately the cost is catching up to me. I have to admit, I have taken my fortune for granted. Now, I think everyone on my payroll is taking their job for granted. They are starting to get greedy and take too much control of my
own property.

Some people would say I have it all. I guess I never realized how much I really did have. It has all been passed down through the generations. I don't really have the time to worry about the day to day operations. Everything was already staffed by the time I inherited it. It has always ran itself so far, so I just let it. I just figure I'll pay the professionals to run things. They can decide what is important. Why should I have to worry about it. I mean I am the one paying them, it's not like they can just take over, is it?

Now, I am starting to see things through a different light. I'm thinking I should have paid more attention. I started noticing that I was paying people to protect me and my lifestyle, but the only thing they were doing is increasing their own. They have taken me to the cleaners while I provide their wealth. I am thinking it may be time for me to look into downsizing. I need to step in and protect my inheritance before it is all gone. I think it may be time for me to fire some people.

Yes, I have a mansion. I never even seen it. I pay people to run things, and let them live in my mansion. I also provide all of the basics for these people. Lately I have been very displeased with these people whom I pay well. They have been lying and stealing from me, so I am looking into replacing them.

Are you looking for work? Are you honest and trustworthy? Are you able to take orders and do what you are paid to do? The pay is great, the benefits are great, and the perks are awesome. If you are interested, you will need to know who I am!You can find me anywhere. I am the average tax paying American citizen. Now Hiring!

Tue, Oct. 4th, 2005, 09:48 pm
Take the poll?

Would you be for or against an impeachment of Bush? I would like to know. This is no mainstream poll, but I would like to invite everyone to vote. Here is the link, if you are interested. Impeachment Poll

Sat, Sep. 3rd, 2005, 08:29 pm
I Hear Americans Are Seeking Asylum!

What is happening in America? Have you ever thought you would see the day that Americans would become refugees? I thought America was supposed to be this great nation that the world would envy. I thought they had a form of government that put the people in control. I thought they had a military force to protect them. Obviously I was wrong. If Americans are becoming refugees, they must have lost control of their government.

I remember when the entire nation was in fear of the coming Y2K issue. When was it that Americans became a people full of fear? Y2K never happened, yet people still listen to so called "experts". Since the year 2000 America has seen 5 great disasters. The election of George W. Bush, 911, the war in Iraq, the re-election of Bush, and Katrina going postal. There were many more disasters as results of each of the five. Most people would say that Hurricane Katrina is so far the worst disaster to hit America. Is this true? I would say it could be a toss up between Katrina and George Bush. After all, it is under his presidency that Americans have finally become refugees. Bush himself is calling them refugees! On that note, please realize, I am not a democrat.

After all thats happened in the past decade, many people refuse to believe America is no longer America. If you don't believe America suddenly has a refugee problem, I urge you (with caution) to turn on Fox or CNN. America has some real problems right now. A nation that once took pride in running to the rescue of victims to disasters has now become the total opposite. The American people used to pull together to help their fellow man in times of major crisis. These days however, Americans are now the type of people that pull you out of a fire just to steal your shirt before killing you. Just listen to the media, these "refugees" were stuck in a drowning city and the best they could do was steal, rape, and kill. They were even shooting at people who have come to save their lives. It might be the latest trend, when you are drowning, shoot the rescuer before he throws you a life jacket. Do you expect me to believe that? I hope not! There might be a little bit of violence, as people start to become delusional or fight back for survival. Sure the mainstream media will tell you these horror stories, but they have cried wolf too many times. The only proof is what they say. I can show you a bunch of pictures of people taking items for survival from the stores. Mainstream media, on the other hand, has not shown any pictures or video of all of this supposed violence. Riots, killing, fighting, shooting, raping, fire starters, it's all there according to them. Where is the proof? I imagine there may be a little violence, but that is because New Orleans failed to do anything about crime for years.

Didn't I say I heard Americans were seeking asylum? Yes I did, so are they? Well, is that not what refugees do? Refugees are people who seek safety in another country because of political and religious dangers. (I see.) Of course that is not what has happened yet, but the President and everyone else calls these people refugees. I certainly could understand why Americans would seek asylum. If this whole tragedy has not convinced you that America is under attack by it's government, nothing will. The number of dead Americans will reach the thousands, and mostly for political reasons.

Now, for what reason would the American government label it's citizens as refugees? If these people are not seeking asylum in a foreign land, then where does this sly report of refugees come in? You may call me radical, but this is the perfect stage for FEMA. This is my theory, you may have your own. For years now, people have been labeled as "radicals" for speaking of prison camps, or concentration camps to round up the citizens who are true patriots to America. This is their chance to bring those camps public without anyone noticing what has happened. Why would I dare to say that? With refugees, comes refugee camps. Right now, buildings are being used to warehouse these people from New Orleans. Notice I used the term people, I'll call them people or Americans, because that is what they are! My fellow Americans are not refugees! These that are dying and being held captive are American people. But, not just any people. Some are now pushing the issue of race, understandably, but I will not fall for that trap. Race is not the issue here. These are people. American people, some white some black. The issue they mistake for racism is close, but it is not the color of their skin that puts them in danger, it is the amount of money! The targets are the poor. America's poor are now refugees! Rest assured, the next time their is a tragedy in your area that requires assistance and attention from the nation, if you are poor you will be a refugee! Don't worry about the fact that you have never been to the super bowl, soon you will be shipped to places like the Astrodome, free of charge! There are various places where you can find info on labor camps. The wording has been on paper for a while now. Get ready for public accepting of "refugee camps"!

Attention France! America has refugees that need asylum from the Bush Empire! Send Help!

One has to wonder is this the next 911 that was predicted? Is this somehow a government attack, it definitely turned into one. Or did Katrina become an obstacle in the path of government sponsored terror?

I am ashamed to be known as an American. America was the nation of people who did not fear their government. Since when does a president get away with lying to the American people? Since when do Americans go to war for those lies? Since when do the American people allow their government to manipulate them? Since when do Americans sit and do nothing while the middle class is eliminated and the poor are left to die? Since when in America are the poor allowed to lay dead in the streets? Welcome to the new America! It is Africa that starves it's people, not America! It is Africa that stops aid from reaching the poor, not America! It is 20th century Germany that rounds up citizens at gunpoint, not America. America has shown it has become weak, not only to itself, but to the world. America is now a prime target for invasion of a foreign nation. On the other hand, it is prime time for it's citizens to rise up against it's corrupt government.

Toto, I know we're not in Kansas anymore!

Sun, Aug. 28th, 2005, 03:29 pm
Know Thy Enemy

America is in a time of war, as we all know. With war comes confusion, especially when the reason for the war has not been clarified. The biggest problem with this war is nobody is sure who the real enemy is. The Bush administration claims that the enemy is al-Queda, a world wide terrorist organization. Al-Queda's leaders have all had their finances froze, but still find a way to fight a war that cost America billions of dollars. In light of that fact it is easy to see that we are up against one crafty enemy. Is the enemy really al-Queda? A war is not fought with one side is not resisted by the other. Nor has a war been declared that has not met opposition. You can not invade any nation and expect them not to fight back. Period! Only a fool could believe that a person is a terrorist just for fighting back for their homeland. Still, it is hard to picture an enemy when you realize the whole operation has been based on a lie.

Lets think about a different war now. What about the war going on right here in America? A war for your mind, a war on liberty and truth. A war on reality, and a war against the poor. They say the civil war was a war that put brother against brother, isn't that what is happening now? We have people in high places beating a dead horse on the issue of race. Race is no longer the issue it once was, it is no longer one race against the other. The issue at hand is now rich against poor. This is an issue that always was but has yet to be put to rest. An attack on freedom is not an issue anymore, but an attack on gay rights would be disastrous. What has happened to this country, America is very un-American! If you want to stop people from crossing the border, stand down there and inform them of how things really are here in America.

So, who is the enemy? We now face two enemies, not counting terrorist. Right now our two biggest enemies are a government that is destroying this nation, and ourselves. We may well be our worst enemy. A government that is corrupt, is definitely an enemy of the people. But a people who allows a government to be corrupt is an enemy to itself! We have a bill of rights to ensure our rights, but we have forgotten who "we the people" are.

I remember a time when a man was only as good as his word. A time when a lie was unacceptable, especially if you were the President of the United States! The enemy is the one who lied in order to convince you to support his agenda. The bigger enemy, is the one who allows that lier to get away with his crime. It doesn't matter if you support the war or not, or if you support Cindy Sheehan or not. The fact is, George W. Bush lied to the nation. Period! His supporters will make excuses about why that lie should be overlooked, but they can not deny the fact that he lied. That lie has cost a very large number of innocent lives. He lied to get his way, and everything since has been the result of that lie. George W. Bush Lied To You And Me! His supporters are only making fools of themselves. They are angry with anyone who would stand against him. They are telling the president, that he is their new god and it is ok for him to lie to them. His lies have become their truths. A lie is a lie, and it is a punishable offense. I am not writing this to call for a withdraw from Iraq, I am leaving my personal feeling out on that one. I am calling for the conviction of a president that lies! One mans lie has truly changed a nation.

Christians want to stand in support of Bush and declare that Bush is a christian. So they are saying that half of the 10 commandments don't matter. They totally forget the fact that the bible has warned for centuries of wolves in sheep's clothing. They believe the events of prophesy, but refuse to believe our leadership is a tool satan uses to take us their. God says all sins are equally wrong, but Bush supporting christians say Clinton's sin is worse than Bush's. Meanwhile, christians will try to convince people to get "saved". They fail to realize that their support for a lier is driving potential savies away from God. Also their support for Bush makes them a hypocrite, meaning you can't expect someone to listen to your religious advise if you refuse to follow it yourself! One man has turned many a good Christian into a good sinner.

Of course I am not saying that Christians are the enemy. Everyone who finds an excuse to not do anything to hold the president accountable is their own enemy. I don't care what excuse you give, it is unacceptable. I received an email today that is being forwarded around. In the email it is calling upon everyone to not buy gas on September 10, 2005. It's great, I intend to not by gas on the 10th. Problem is, we have all seen this type of email. Everybody agrees and forwards it on, but nobody sticks to the plan. I may even get a sign and stand outside the gas station, but I'll bet they'll be full of people filling up. Everyone is sick of the gas hikes, but we refuse to hit them in their pockets. Violence is going on the rise due to high fuel prices, and plays in favor of the government. It's the innocent gas station attendants who are targeted. These minimum wage employees have their lives put at risk while big oil keeps getting fat! "Oh but I need to get gas, I just have to have it. It doesn't matter because they know you'll have to get gas the next day." Excuses, excuses! If you don't try to change it, you can't blame nobody but yourself.

Ok, so once we decide to stop being our own enemy, and start fighting the real enemy, what next? First thing is we need to change our strategy. We need to start from the bottom and work our way up. There's an old saying that says, "how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time". We need to turn our protest toward the governors, senators, and congressmen whom support Bush. Each state needs to start holding their representatives accountable. Bush does not care, he knows that he can't run again. But the rest of the elected officials can. Start turning the heat up on them, and eventually they will distance themselves from Bush. Once you take everything out from under him, he will no longer have no one to hide behind and nobody to blame it on. In order to get the results we need, there has to be a plan. It past time to boycott the mainstream media, and past time for the impeachment of all elected officials who refuse to do the job they were elected for. They may have launched an attack on the little people, but they forgot one important fact. It is the little people that keep these people rich, without us they would fall. I urge you to find your local government officials and start your own protest right outside their offices. Let them know if they can't do the job you want, you'll find someone who can!

Sun, Aug. 7th, 2005, 03:25 pm
America The Foolish

I have been fighting at the front lines of the good fight. The war? No, not the war, but the fight for what’s right versus what is wrong! I have taken argument with Christians who believe in Bush. I love a good debate, but I love more to get the truth out. Still, you have those people who must think that Bush is the Messiah. Wait, let me clear that up. I am not saying that all Christians love Bush, or I only debate with Christians. I mean I take the proof to all Bush supporters (no matter what their religion) and wait for their reply. I am a Christian, but that doesn't mean that I will drink from the cup with G.W. It is absolutely amazing how people will defend a lie. Trust me, when I say we are fighting on the frontlines, it's the truth! People are getting killed for believing the war is wrong! This war is not the only thing Bush is doing wrong, but it is a big part of it.

Before I leave the subject of Bush and Christianity, let me finish it real quick. There are critics who say the President is putting his Christian beliefs into running this country, like its a bad thing. I am not going to say that. Truthfully, if you are a Christian, you are to live your entire life according to the will of God. Critics think Bush should leave his Christianity at home when running the country. Because I am a Christian, I will disagree with that. BUT, they are right to criticize his belief. President Bush is NOT a Christian! If you are a Christian, and were like the many who voted for him based on his claims that he is a Christian, you need to go back to the bible! The bible warns you of people like President Bush. Jesus said, you will know them by their fruits. So what has the president done to show his Christian fruit?? Money is the root of all evil, and that root is fed by oil. If claiming to be Christian is all it takes to get your vote, put me on the ballot! But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. ~Matt 15:9

Americans have become foolish!

America has become a very strange place. America has become a very judgmental place. We believe we are the only civilized nation. Americans believe that every other government in the world would deceive or harm its citizens, but not the American government. Oh that’s right we have a constitution to protect us. That’s nice, but nobody is defending it. Our government has distracted our attention to a thousand other directions, while they strip the constitution. But making that claim gets me labeled as a radical. The minuet you mention conspiracy, everyone stops listening. Once you stand against an issue like the war, then you are labeled an activist. Really, I never knew I was an activist until I expressed my love for America. That’s not right!
Once you are given a label, enough people stop listening, that you get nowhere. If you are an activist, the only people who are listening are other activist. If I am a conspiracy theorist, the only people reading this are fellow conspiracy theorist. Why? Because, I have been labeled! It's the way we have been subconsciously taught.

So let’s clear it up! I am an American, not an activist. An American trying to defend my country from the enemies within.
* Activist is someone who stands in front of a tree so you won't cut it down.
* American is someone who stands up and says they will not be lied to by their government.
* Activist rides a bicycle nude to promote world peace.
* American, or patriot, is someone who joins a gathering outside of the Whitehouse to protest an amendment to the constitution.
* Activist is someone marching in a parade so gays can be treated special.
* American is someone who believes a law that applies to them, also applies to the government.
* Activist is someone raising money to push animal rights.
* American is someone saying this is how and why America was started, and we are not letting you change that!
Get the point yet? I am an American trying to raise awareness of an attack against us. I have been called Un-American, for standing against the war. But the truth is, if you are for this war, you are un-American. Not I.It takes more than a "patriotic song" to make you a patriot!

There is a pro war or "patriotic" country song, "Have You Forgotten". Basically, the song is defending Bush's war on terror. The song asks people against the war if they have forgotten 911. So I must ask the writer of that song the same question. Have you forgotten, that here in America, everyone is innocent until PROVEN guilty? I have seen no evidence linking Sadam, or any other Arabs to 911. A picture of somebody standing in line is not evidence. Therefore, I have seen no evidence to prove guilt to the accused. However, the only evidence I have seen so far, links our government to 911. But we don't want to believe that. It is much easier to kill thousands maybe even millions of people than it is to pursue the truth. Of course bin Laden outwitted us; let’s kill innocent Arabs so we won't have to question our government. Bin Laden was CIA? Well yea, but that was back then. He was much smarter than they were. He was so smart that he went to the desert and started a global terrorist ring. A new one is born every ten minuets. It’s funny how people will rule out the simple truth.

The reason people get so defensive when questioned about supporting the war, is because they have absolutely no reason at all to support it. None and they know it! The war is wrong, and they know it! But, they love Bush too much to back out. We have every reason to be against it and they know it. This country has made a mistake in letting ourselves be divided into two main groups. Republicans and Democrats. We live this fantasy that you are one or the other. You can't back away from Bush, because then you are siding with the Democrats and they are wrong about everything. No, that way of thinking is wrong. When we stop choosing sides and start focusing on truth, it will be a great day for America. Democrats and Republicans are both up to no good! The day everyone gets wise enough to vote for the other candidate is the day America will rise again as a great nation. It is past time for Americans to throw both parties out on the street. Stop looking at events based on party affiliation and start looking at what is right or wrong. The war is wrong, and there is absolutely no reason to support it, unless you just enjoy meaningless death.

Let’s get to the point. George W. Bush should be impeached! Plain and simple, he should be impeached and put on trial for criminal conduct. If you are truly American, you would do what is right for this nation. I am not democrat, so I am not saying this because he is republican. George Bush is a Criminal and everyone who supports him is aiding criminal conduct. He and his administration has lied about the war, they have even presented false evidence. He has been caught in a lie. Honestly, is there anyone who didn't think we would end up in Iraq, once he was elected? He is a liar, he has been found guilty. When he realized we knew, he made another lie, and another and another. He has lied to us, and that lie has cost us thousands of lives. To let him stay in office is letting him get away with it. To let him get away with it is to say we want more. It is time to fire him and throw him in jail! We have reasonable cause, it is now time for him to get a lawyer and prove he is innocent.

Bush said that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. Saddam said he did not have any such weapons. Iraq was found to not have any such weapons. Therefore, Bush lied and Saddam was honest. So why is the honest man in jail, while the liar is free to wreak havoc?! Is this the future everyone looked forward to? Where it is good to lie and bad to tell the truth? So far, we have not found truth to any claims from G.W. Bush. If he lied about Iraq, then what would keep him from lying about everything else? What would keep him from lying about 911? What would keep him from lying about Iran and Syria? What would keep him from lying about terrorism? Based on the fact that Bush is the one found to be a liar, it is safe to say Saddam was not a threat. 911 was not what it seemed to be. Al-Qaida is not real. Global terrorism is not real.

Bush Lied! What part of that does not make sense? What doesn't everyone understand about that? Nobody had trouble understanding when Nixon was guilty. Nobody had trouble understanding when Clinton lied. So what is it that people can't understand now? We need to know so we can spell it out for you. Read it slowly.


While you sit there and try to find a way around the truth, America falls apart. If it is not dealt with quickly, we will lose all freedoms! Why are we dragging our feet on this? It won't be long until I could go to jail for writing this. After all the
Police now have the authority to shoot you in the head for failing to make eye contact!
America is falling apart! We only have ourselves to blame for not holding government accountable. It is past time to demand justice, and past time to demand proof for accusations!

On March 2, 2004 the truth about WMD's was released, there were none!Over 1 year later we still have not done anything about it. We were lied to. The president lied and played us for fools!

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. ~Matt 7:15-20

Tue, Jul. 26th, 2005, 05:31 pm
Who Was Jean Charles?

Enemy Of The State

By now we have all heard about it, an innocent man shot to death by police in London. You may not recognize his name, but you do recognize the story. The day it happened the news was everywhere telling of how a suspicious man was gunned down by authorities. Police swore they had suspicion that this man possibly had a bomb. Later it was revealed that he was innocent! The same week, the public was made aware that London Police were now licensed to kill. From the evidence that is available, it seems that the vicious shooter had no reason to believe this man was a terrorist. So now London and the rest of the world are left with questions. Was Jean a random choice to prove to the citizens that London would take advantage of that "License to kill"? If not, then where is the rest of the story?

Who exactly was Jean Charles de Menezes and what might he have done or known to be hunted down for cold blooded murder?

Here is what we do know. JEAN CHARLES DE MENEZES was Born 07/01/78, a Brazilian national. He was Originally from the town of Gonzaga, 500 miles northeast of Sao Paulo in the south-eastern state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. He lived in Brixton, London for three years, working as an electrician. This is Fact. Do we know anything else about this man? Do we care to know the truth about why an innocent citizen was Murdered by government?
We also know that this man was running for fear of his life. The reports from police will tell you all types of stuff, like Mr Menezes had come out of a house in Tulse Hill, south London, which had been under police surveillance because of a suspected link to Thursday's attempted bombings. You have to ask yourself, are we to believe killers? Shouldn't we give them the right to remain silent while they seek an attorney? I think so! You really don't think that a killer is going to just hand over the truth do you? You can't tell me that you believe they will be honest if they done something wrong! What possible reason would they have to shoot a man EIGHT (8) times in the head?! What do you think would happen if you shot somebody and claim you suspected them of being a bomber? Should we hold law enforcement to the same standards we are to follow? Of course there are people demanding an investigation, and thats good, but who do you want to investigate the crime? You wouldn't send Charles Manson to investigate the Murder of Sharon Tate would you?

This event is a conspiracy movie brought to real life! You might be quick to judge a person for talking about conspiracy theories, but you still love a good action packed movie. We have all seen at least one. "Enemy Of The State", "Skulls", "Conspiracy Theory", "Bourne Identity", "Manchurian Candidate". I could keep going, there are a ton of them. Review the facts that we do know and tell me if this doesn't look like part of the script to one of those movies. Problem is, now we are faced with reality. There is no government agency going to protect you once you are labeled an enemy of the state! So you can stop sitting in comfort thinking that the FBI will protect you from the CIA. As this Murder by the state has shown, we are our only hope.

When you wake up to reality, you realize it is a madman's fantasy made real.

If this crime is not punished, they will do it again. We need the truth and we need it now. I think it is safe to say that the shooter was not an ordinary police officer. It looks more like a special agent with an intended target. Think about it, If you were a police officer and realized you just took the life of an innocent man, how would you feel? An ordinary policeman would have probably shot himself because he couldn't stand the guilt. The killer was a trained assassin.

There are facts that have not been brought to the public. The Media is not properly pursuing these facts! There are many questions that need to be answered. There can only be two explanations for this murder and both are unacceptable. Either Britain wanted to let citizens know that they have to fear the use of force against them, or the victim was somebody who knew too much!

For now, it looks as if Jean Charles was An Enemy of the State!

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Fri, Jul. 15th, 2005, 07:35 pm
Something Strange In The Neighborhood

The news has been out for a while now about the bombings in London. It is a sad tragedy and I hate to see those innocent people go through what they have. Still we can't sit around and wait for the truth. The bigger tragedy is the blaming of innocent people!

It is my belief that Blair and Bush are marching toward the same agenda. The London bombings, while carried out differently, are very much like 911. How? Well, first of all, they were carried out in broad daylight. Second, the evidence is right in plain sight.

I won't waste your time with my theories, lets get on with the evidence. It didn't take long for London officials to find four dead Muslims to pin it on. But they have the proof of their personal documents, as this news article shows. Yet, if you will read the whole article you will see that somehow one of these bomber's documents were found in two different locations! How does that happen? Now, this time the public is not so quick to listen to chicken little. As some reports are showing. Not to mention, just like here in the good 'ol USA, the official stories are already changing. 1st official story And the New official story! If you are not yet wondering what the hell they are trying to hide, stay tuned, you will.

You may be thinking, "government wouldn't do that to their own people". Why not? They have before. Don't you think it is awful convenient that the camera from the exploding bus wasn't working? Thats not enough for you? Ok, it is also convenient that London Transport's Commissioner Bob Kiley, was is an ex CIA agent! He should be a pro at spotting and preventing terrorist attacks! Of course it is only a coincidence that they were conducting "Bombing Exercises" at the same time, just like 911! Then, it just so happens that there was a Mysterious break-in at Oslo mosque!

But Wait, There's More!
Study the picture below for a minuet. ........
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Done yet? I'll leave it there for your inspection. It is fair to say, you don't see any problems with in the picture. Ok, see the white van that says "Kingstar" on the side? Do you know what Kingstar does? It is just a little strange that they just happen to do Controlled Demolition!

Thats all I have for now. The London Bombings were a tragedy. The worst part of this whole tragedy is that the real terroist get away with it! Don't miss the latest breaking news where Blair admits that Al-Qaeda does not exist!

Wait a minuet, has anyone questioned the victims?
We should just make sure that this isn't somebody escaping the scene!

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