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Fri, Jul. 15th, 2005, 07:35 pm
Something Strange In The Neighborhood

The news has been out for a while now about the bombings in London. It is a sad tragedy and I hate to see those innocent people go through what they have. Still we can't sit around and wait for the truth. The bigger tragedy is the blaming of innocent people!

It is my belief that Blair and Bush are marching toward the same agenda. The London bombings, while carried out differently, are very much like 911. How? Well, first of all, they were carried out in broad daylight. Second, the evidence is right in plain sight.

I won't waste your time with my theories, lets get on with the evidence. It didn't take long for London officials to find four dead Muslims to pin it on. But they have the proof of their personal documents, as this news article shows. Yet, if you will read the whole article you will see that somehow one of these bomber's documents were found in two different locations! How does that happen? Now, this time the public is not so quick to listen to chicken little. As some reports are showing. Not to mention, just like here in the good 'ol USA, the official stories are already changing. 1st official story And the New official story! If you are not yet wondering what the hell they are trying to hide, stay tuned, you will.

You may be thinking, "government wouldn't do that to their own people". Why not? They have before. Don't you think it is awful convenient that the camera from the exploding bus wasn't working? Thats not enough for you? Ok, it is also convenient that London Transport's Commissioner Bob Kiley, was is an ex CIA agent! He should be a pro at spotting and preventing terrorist attacks! Of course it is only a coincidence that they were conducting "Bombing Exercises" at the same time, just like 911! Then, it just so happens that there was a Mysterious break-in at Oslo mosque!

But Wait, There's More!
Study the picture below for a minuet. ........
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Done yet? I'll leave it there for your inspection. It is fair to say, you don't see any problems with in the picture. Ok, see the white van that says "Kingstar" on the side? Do you know what Kingstar does? It is just a little strange that they just happen to do Controlled Demolition!

Thats all I have for now. The London Bombings were a tragedy. The worst part of this whole tragedy is that the real terroist get away with it! Don't miss the latest breaking news where Blair admits that Al-Qaeda does not exist!

Wait a minuet, has anyone questioned the victims?
We should just make sure that this isn't somebody escaping the scene!