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Sat, Sep. 3rd, 2005, 08:29 pm
I Hear Americans Are Seeking Asylum!

What is happening in America? Have you ever thought you would see the day that Americans would become refugees? I thought America was supposed to be this great nation that the world would envy. I thought they had a form of government that put the people in control. I thought they had a military force to protect them. Obviously I was wrong. If Americans are becoming refugees, they must have lost control of their government.

I remember when the entire nation was in fear of the coming Y2K issue. When was it that Americans became a people full of fear? Y2K never happened, yet people still listen to so called "experts". Since the year 2000 America has seen 5 great disasters. The election of George W. Bush, 911, the war in Iraq, the re-election of Bush, and Katrina going postal. There were many more disasters as results of each of the five. Most people would say that Hurricane Katrina is so far the worst disaster to hit America. Is this true? I would say it could be a toss up between Katrina and George Bush. After all, it is under his presidency that Americans have finally become refugees. Bush himself is calling them refugees! On that note, please realize, I am not a democrat.

After all thats happened in the past decade, many people refuse to believe America is no longer America. If you don't believe America suddenly has a refugee problem, I urge you (with caution) to turn on Fox or CNN. America has some real problems right now. A nation that once took pride in running to the rescue of victims to disasters has now become the total opposite. The American people used to pull together to help their fellow man in times of major crisis. These days however, Americans are now the type of people that pull you out of a fire just to steal your shirt before killing you. Just listen to the media, these "refugees" were stuck in a drowning city and the best they could do was steal, rape, and kill. They were even shooting at people who have come to save their lives. It might be the latest trend, when you are drowning, shoot the rescuer before he throws you a life jacket. Do you expect me to believe that? I hope not! There might be a little bit of violence, as people start to become delusional or fight back for survival. Sure the mainstream media will tell you these horror stories, but they have cried wolf too many times. The only proof is what they say. I can show you a bunch of pictures of people taking items for survival from the stores. Mainstream media, on the other hand, has not shown any pictures or video of all of this supposed violence. Riots, killing, fighting, shooting, raping, fire starters, it's all there according to them. Where is the proof? I imagine there may be a little violence, but that is because New Orleans failed to do anything about crime for years.

Didn't I say I heard Americans were seeking asylum? Yes I did, so are they? Well, is that not what refugees do? Refugees are people who seek safety in another country because of political and religious dangers. (I see.) Of course that is not what has happened yet, but the President and everyone else calls these people refugees. I certainly could understand why Americans would seek asylum. If this whole tragedy has not convinced you that America is under attack by it's government, nothing will. The number of dead Americans will reach the thousands, and mostly for political reasons.

Now, for what reason would the American government label it's citizens as refugees? If these people are not seeking asylum in a foreign land, then where does this sly report of refugees come in? You may call me radical, but this is the perfect stage for FEMA. This is my theory, you may have your own. For years now, people have been labeled as "radicals" for speaking of prison camps, or concentration camps to round up the citizens who are true patriots to America. This is their chance to bring those camps public without anyone noticing what has happened. Why would I dare to say that? With refugees, comes refugee camps. Right now, buildings are being used to warehouse these people from New Orleans. Notice I used the term people, I'll call them people or Americans, because that is what they are! My fellow Americans are not refugees! These that are dying and being held captive are American people. But, not just any people. Some are now pushing the issue of race, understandably, but I will not fall for that trap. Race is not the issue here. These are people. American people, some white some black. The issue they mistake for racism is close, but it is not the color of their skin that puts them in danger, it is the amount of money! The targets are the poor. America's poor are now refugees! Rest assured, the next time their is a tragedy in your area that requires assistance and attention from the nation, if you are poor you will be a refugee! Don't worry about the fact that you have never been to the super bowl, soon you will be shipped to places like the Astrodome, free of charge! There are various places where you can find info on labor camps. The wording has been on paper for a while now. Get ready for public accepting of "refugee camps"!

Attention France! America has refugees that need asylum from the Bush Empire! Send Help!

One has to wonder is this the next 911 that was predicted? Is this somehow a government attack, it definitely turned into one. Or did Katrina become an obstacle in the path of government sponsored terror?

I am ashamed to be known as an American. America was the nation of people who did not fear their government. Since when does a president get away with lying to the American people? Since when do Americans go to war for those lies? Since when do the American people allow their government to manipulate them? Since when do Americans sit and do nothing while the middle class is eliminated and the poor are left to die? Since when in America are the poor allowed to lay dead in the streets? Welcome to the new America! It is Africa that starves it's people, not America! It is Africa that stops aid from reaching the poor, not America! It is 20th century Germany that rounds up citizens at gunpoint, not America. America has shown it has become weak, not only to itself, but to the world. America is now a prime target for invasion of a foreign nation. On the other hand, it is prime time for it's citizens to rise up against it's corrupt government.

Toto, I know we're not in Kansas anymore!

Fri, Sep. 30th, 2005 11:52 pm (UTC)
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Tue, Oct. 4th, 2005 05:32 pm (UTC)
nextin: Re: your blog

My pleasure. Thank you.